Feb 22 > Now

Senior PD > Staff PD

Designers: 2

Company: 140

Series C


Weaving AI into fintech and sneaking good design work past a bank minded api-first product org.

Nov 20 > Jan 22

Product Design > Senior PD

Designers: 3

Company: 80

Series B


Had the privilege of being Moov's first design hire just after our Series A. After success with the api and raising significant funds, we were starting on the interface from scratch.

During my time at Moov, our team grew from 16 to 60 members, with a dedicated design team of 3. We faced the challenges of bringing a new interface to market and building a customer-driven product.

Despite the hurdles, we successfully bridged this gap, aligning our vision with customer needs.

Jun 20 > Sep 20

Apprentice PD > Product Design

Designers: 1

Company: 15

Design Agency

After Abstract, I was looking to transition into product design. Upperstudy proved to be an ideal fit and I'm grateful for my time there.

Upperstudy is a mentorship focused design studio that pairs early-career designers with seed stage startups. One of the companies I partnered with was Otto.

At the outset, Otto lacked branding, interface, and design systems, offering a clean slate for collaboration. The Founders contributed insights on branding and UX, enriching our partnership.

In the first 90 days, our goals were twofold: to establish a brand and visual language, and to apply this to an MVP iOS app. Collaborative sessions and questionnaires in Notion laid the groundwork for brand guidelines, facilitating efficient decision-making.

Leveraging our established direction, I swiftly crafted user flows, a design system, and onboarding processes for Otto. Agile component-based design allowed rapid adaptation to feedback, crucial for progressing from medium to high-fidelity designs.

Our efforts culminated in a comprehensive deliverable, solidifying key product experiences for Otto's imminent launch.

Jan 18 -> Mar 20

Design Advocate > Visual Designer

Designers: 15

Company: 140

Design Tooling

A small and talented team that became life long friends. Going through some rapid growth ($0 to +10m in ARR, 20 to 140 employees) provided some amazing opportunities as well.

I was Abstract’s first 'Design Advocate', before Figma had one ;). The idea was to be the voice of our customers and work with the product team to develop our offering, produce educational content, and consult with design teams on how to effectively scale their work and systems.

I traveled internationally pairing with hundreds of teams building design workflows and systems with them.

Toward the end of my time at Abstract I made the transition to visual design thanks to the support of the team there. I worked on a number customer facing projects and am most proud of taking over design of Abstract’s monthly newsletter "The Commit". The work we did to template and improve on our production process led to increased metrics across the board.

Jan 17 -> Dec 17

Customer Success

Company: 12

Design Tooling

Wake was my second real adult job out of school. I had previously been at Oracle losing my mind in a world I didn't belong in. Through divine intervention (Angel List) I was intro'd to the team and joined my first startup.

This exposure to product design as a profession was nothing short of transformative and I learned as much as I could about the tooling and field. The year leading up to our acquisition by InVision was the first step toward my career in design.