Thanks for visiting, this is my personal website and admittedly, it's a little more work-centric than personal if we're being honest. "Alden is a designer working on weaving artificial intelligence into digital financial tooling for money movement."

Currently I'm full time at Modern Treasury designing their web app. It's been a little over two years since I joined the team. The experience isn't what I signed up for but startups rarely are. We've been through hiring sprees and crazy growth, staff 'reductions', growing again, changing product focus, and finding market fit with enterprise customers.

Photo work/fun is going well. Making more zines this year and proud of what I put out in '23. You can pick up some copies in person at Mollusk Surf Shop, Restricted Goods, or online through Milieu Press. Exploring digital a bit more seriously now but still putting film through these last ten years for most things.

Still skating a good amount and getting back into surfing again. Have some trips out of the country planned this year I'm really excited about as well. The last book I read and really enjoyed was from Raymond Carver, it was a gift from a good friend.

I've been lucky to have had some great mentors, if you want to chat about work opportunities, photography, or something else, just reach out.


the only way to go beyond work is through work •
the only way to go beyond work is through work •